Citizen and Neighborhood Participation

What any Delegate does is often determined by how the Delegate goes about doing the work. For me, the lifeblood of my campaign and my service as a Delegate will be the flow of ideas from neighborhoods and everyday citizens. Lobbyists can play a constructive role in shaping legislation. But they sometimes dominate the process, crowding out less organized and less well-placed voices.

Shelly wants to redress the imbalance.

  • Shelly will convene a Community Kitchen Cabinet made up of persons from neighborhoods and communities across the District. The Cabinet will meet regularly with her and identify, explore and advise on legislative issues. And she will attend regularly as many neighborhood association and other neighborhood meetings as she can.
  • Constituent service will be a cornerstone of her work as Delegate. That doesn’t mean just responding promptly and thoroughly to individual and neighborhood concerns. It means paying close attention to the system-wide problems that they reflect. Often passing legislation is less important than paying close attention to how laws are implemented, and making sure they’re working as intended.
  • Essential to Shelly’s representation will be open communication.  She will write regular email and Facebook newsletters that report on her activities, discuss issues and invite input.