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October Update

October 26, 2017

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School Visits

Two Days in a Row!

September 19, 2017


As I enter the final year of my first term in the House of Delegates, I’ve given a great deal of thought about how best to continue representing the needs of the people of the 11th district, fighting for the issues most important to them and to me.  I really appreciate and have been humbled by the encouragement and support of so many individuals and organizations, and I have carefully considered all of their suggestions about how I can be most effective.

September Isn't Only for Back-to-School

September 18, 2017

Summer’s in the Rear View Mirror

With the passage of Labor Day and the first day of school and temperatures beginning to drop, it’s safe to say the summer is long gone. Like many of you, I sent my children back to school, and although they’re in college and graduate school, I still tear up!

Not Your Dog Days of August

August 15, 2017


This past weekend, most of us looked on in horror as we watched terrorism unfold in our neighboring state of Virginia. The hate-filled rhetoric of white supremacists and neo-Nazis that echoed throughout Charlottesville should be a strong reminder that racism and anti-Semitism are not dead. The rise of hate crimes and white supremacist rallies are being orchestrated to strike fear in our hearts. We must denounce bigotry and intolerance, but more importantly, turn our words into action.

Two Weeks To Go

March 28, 2017
Last week, we passed what is termed "Crossover," the date by which a bill must pass one chamber in order to be guaranteed a hearing in the other. It's a mad scramble to push out as many bills as possible and committees work long hours to finish up hearings and voting sessions. We spend many hours on the floor of the House considering a wide variety of bills. Here is a quick update on what has passed the House:

The Budget

Half Way Down, Half Way to Go

February 27, 2017

We’re officially halfway through the 90 day legislative session, and there is still so much work to do! One of the best parts about being in Annapolis is having constituents visit and share their thoughts on important issues. I’ve met with Baltimore County public school teachers, social workers, pharmacy students, affordable housing advocates, animal rights advocates, developmental disability advocates, and more! If you’re interested in stopping by during the session you have 45 more days - but of course, I'm available during the interim in Baltimore!


And We're Back!

January 16, 2017

It seems appropriate to send out my first newsletter of the 2017 General Assembly on a day to remember Dr. Martin Luther King! I've spent some time over the weekend, both formally and informally - with friends and with strangers - discussing ways to confront racism, the state of our political discourse today, and participating in a community service project. While it's not easy, it feels good to have real conversations about challenging topics, and to feel like someone may view things a bit differently as a result of our dialogue.

Dusting Off

November 22, 2016
It's been a rough two weeks. I spent the five days before Election Day with 15 other Baltimoreans climbing the hills of Pittsburgh, knocking on doors and urging residents to vote for Hillary Clinton. While there were certainly hints along the way, and I'd considered the possibility, I really didn't think Donald Trump would be elected as President of the United States. I was wrong. 

Three Weeks Out

October 19, 2016
Thank you very much for your willingness to stand by me.  I write to ask you to join me once more - in standing by an amazing woman who has dedicated her life to public service. In just under three weeks, we will have the opportunity to elect the first woman President, Hillary Clinton, one of the most qualified presidential candidates we’ve ever seen.