What's Happening


October 6, 2019
Please join me THIS Sunday for ice cream, cookies & other tasty treats --
a chance to come together in community, to discuss current events & whatever is on your mind.
Please rsvp here so we can make sure to have enough goodies!

Midway and a bit

March 2, 2019

Last week was the half way mark of our legislative session, so I wanted to update you on the bills I've introduced and the major issues we're addressing at the moment. 

Shelly's 2019 bills

Annapolis in January

January 29, 2019

The beginning of the 2019 session is off to an exciting start and, as I have in past years, I will send you updates about what's happening during session. I've found that the 90 day session has a rhythm, and we're now in the bill crafting/drafting stage. The first year of a 4-year term brings dozens of new members, and I'm enjoying getting to know new colleagues from across the state.