May 7, 2018

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday and I’m incredibly lucky to be able to call an amazing mother my own – Shelly Hettleman.  For as long as I can remember, my mom has worked tirelessly to share her passions with me and my sister Rachel– to shape us into socially aware, responsible, and engaged people.  She has been a role model and helped instill the values that shape the paths ahead of us.

As my sister and I are about to begin new stages of our lives in communities other than where we grew up, my mom is doing the opposite.  My mom remains fiercely dedicated to making the community, where she and my dad raised us – the 11th District of Baltimore County -- the best it can possibly be for everyone in it.  And while I cannot be as engaged as I’d like as the campaign heads into the homestretch, I know and hope that many of you who live nearby can. 

Please help me this Mother’s Day by supporting my mom, so that she can continue to work for change with others in our community.  Please take a few hours and walk neighborhoods with my mom, take some time to reach out to your neighbors, post a sign, or sign up to volunteer during Early Vote and on Election Day.

There are lots of other things you can do too – please take a moment to sign up here.

Rachel joins me in wishing our mom – Shelly Hettleman – and all Moms a wonderful Mother’s Day!


Jonathan Hettleman
Shelly & Jeff’s son

p.s. And if you haven’t given already, I’m sure she’d also appreciate your financial support! You can click below on the Contribute button to make a donation. 

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