Please RSVP  

I hope you’ll be able to join us 2 weeks from today for a physically distanced gathering outside! Please stop by, wear a mask, say hi, chat for a few minutes & grab a bag of goodies. I couldn’t bear the thought of asking folks to be online any more than we already all are, and it hasn’t been safe to host my annual fundraiser in-person, so I hope you’ll be able to swing by for a few minutes to say hi. We continue to have regular expenses that can only be paid for out of the campaign, we’re half-way through the term and need to be prepared for the next election, and, even if you cannot attend or don’t feel comfortable, I would really appreciate any financial support you can provide. And, I do hope you’ll stop by even if just to say a quick hello, and hopefully (!) we’ll have good election news to celebrate!

Thank you so much for your consideration!