I hope you’re well & healthy & either have voted by mail, early, or have a plan to vote in-person TOMORROW, Election Day! If you’re going in person, please remember that there are new voting centers around the county – your regular polling place may NOT be open. Please consult the chart below – you may vote at any of these sites in Baltimore County. If you are not registered to vote, you may register on Election Day, but please remember to bring appropriate ID.
Over 2 million Marylanders have already voted and, no doubt, you’ve heard that we may not know the results of the election tomorrow night. One thing is certain: Maryland elected leadership is united behind the value that EVERY VOTE COUNTS. In this video, Senate President Bill Ferguson, Governor Larry Hogan, and House Speaker Adrienne Jones, have joined together to reassure Marylanders to trust our electoral process, and they’ve committed to all Marylanders that our right to vote and to have our vote counted, will be protected. A free and fair election should not be partisan!
If you’ve read my newsletters these last few months, you know that I support the Biden/Harris team to lead our nation. Joe Biden will help to repair the damage that this Administration has wrought on our nation. At the very least, he will rely on experts to advise him to get COVID under control, he will bring people together, not divide them, and he will value truth. The last four years have been divisive and unhealthy under the current leadership and I fear that our democracy is literally at stake. I hope you will support Joe Biden & Kamala Harris. 
To those of you who have been texting, calling & knocking doors, thank you so much for your activism and dedication to protecting our democracy!

Shelly Hettleman

Senator, District 11