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Dear Friends,

The past few days provide evidence that spring may be coming. It’s hard to believe, but earlier this week, we passed the halfway mark of our challenging 90-day legislative session.

The Judicial Proceedings Committee has been immersed in considering 9 bills related to police reform. It’s been a grueling few weeks as we considered how best to maintain public and community safety, and while many of the bills did not make as transformative a change as I would have liked, the package represents the most meaningful reform in decades and an improvement over today’s policies and practices. The police reform bills passed the Senate and will be considered by the House. You can read about each of the bills below.
Frustrations abound about the state’s distribution of COVID vaccines continue. Each week, members of the Senate Vaccine Oversight Workgroup grill the Acting Secretary of Health about access, implementation, equity, data, and delivery of vaccines. I share so many constituents’ frustrations about the difficulty in finding and making an appointment and the prioritization and unfair distribution systems, but I do believe the Workgroup has been effective at pushing the Administration in important ways. We will continue to press for answers to your – and our – important questions and to demand transparency.
In addition to a deeper discussion about police reform and vaccinations, what follows are highlights of how the district interacts with our office, a list of my remaining bills, and highlights about our Legislative Bond Initiatives.
As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if we can be of assistance. My fantastic staff has been hard at work all session responding to your concerns and helping to get answers from our state agencies on your behalf.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Stay safe & healthy,

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