Dear Friends,
I hope your summer is off to a smooth start! It’s wonderful to be outside and to reconnect with people; it feels like time is once again measurable. The past 16 months have been challenging for the world, our nation, our state, and our lives. It feels like many institutions in our society are undergoing significant changes that may upend the way we work, educate, heal, and interact.
As we make the transition from a world of COVID-related restrictions to one that is more open, we can celebrate the success of vaccinations that are bringing down the instances of illness and death, yet many Marylanders remain in desperate need. Summer is a challenging time for children who do not get enough food to eat during the school year, and we’ve included resources for summer meals below. Utility payments have been a struggle for many and we were able to provide funding through the RELIEF Act (passed by the General Assembly this session) to cover them for the most vulnerable. Many continue to struggle with unemployment insurance issues. Our staff remains steadfast in their advocacy and has helped over 447 constituents navigate the complex process through the Department of Labor, as well as support for rent relief and providing job seeker resources.
During the interim, I spend time in the community, meeting with constituents and visiting businesses and organizations. We also take the time to consider legislative initiatives for the upcoming session and welcome ideas for bills. Next legislative session we will consider redistricting, so that remains an important issue to follow as we receive critical census data back from the federal government later this summer.
We continue to work on behalf of constituents who are struggling to get answers from state agencies or programs. If you have any questions or concerns or would like our assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to my office – we’re ready and willing to help!
Wishing you a peaceful and restful summer. We’ll be back next month with additional updates. In the meantime, thank you for the opportunity to serve and all the best for a relaxing 4th of July!!
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In this issue:
  • In the Community
  • Post Session Town Hall Recording
  • MDLC Scorecard
  • Cancel COVID-Vaccine Updates
  • Scholarship Deadline- Extended
  • Maryland Redistricting Hearings
  • Child Tax Credits
  • Resources and Information- Summer Meals, Rent & Financial Relief, Utilities, Transit and More…

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