Dear Friends,
Today began the 444th session of the Maryland General Assembly where we will work over the next 90 days, once again, in a challenging public health environment. For the first month our hearings will be virtual, but one benefit of remote hearings is the expanded opportunity for the public to testify. You can follow our hearings electronically here and learn more about the Senate’s protocols here. The Senate plans to return to in-person operations mid-February.
One of our first orders of business will be to adopt a new redistricting map for legislative districts. Please scroll down for more details about that – especially changes that will affect District 11.
Over the coming weeks, we will review more of this year’s legislative priorities, but for today, we’re highlighting a few bills that I’ve pre-filed. Our priorities this session will be focused on COVID-19, economic security, public safety, whether to legalize marijuana, ensuring that Marylanders maintain a right to choose whether to have an abortion, how to handle our budget surplus, and climate change.
We are fortunate to have a terrific team of interns – law students from the University of Baltimore and the University of Maryland Schools of Law, public health graduate students from Johns Hopkins University, and our Notre Dame of Maryland undergraduate student who has worked with us for the past year and is continuing. We’ll introduce you to them over the coming weeks, but you can see a photo of the team below.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us during session – or any time – using the contact information below.
Please stay safe & healthy!
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