Dear Friends,

We began this week with another well-attended Shelly@thedeli in Owings Mills, co-hosted with Delegate Cheryl Pasteur and had a great Q&A about all-things-Annapolis. We thought this week would provide a bit of a respite, after last week’s whirlwind with five bill hearings and the first General Assembly press conference with the Governor, but it’s turning out to be a popular time for constituent groups to come to Annapolis. So, my schedule is pretty packed with citizen advocates wanting to talk about: care for individuals with disabilities and the budget, affordable housing and the budget, Alzheimer’s and the budget, dental care and the budget. Do you see a theme here? This reflects my new position on the Budget & Taxation (B&T) Committee!

We’ve had some excellent bill hearings and we continue to negotiate with colleagues and advocates to strive for consensus on legislation where we can. SB 328 creates an opportunity for the public to comment on the agenda of the very important Board of Public Works was approved by the B&T Committee and passed second reader by the full Senate today.

Next week, I’ll present SB 620 to the Education, Energy & Environment Committee to prohibit online gaming companies from having arrangements with public universities where the higher ed institutions would receive remuneration for students’ participation in online gaming. The bill would also make contracts between universities and online gaming companies accessible to the public. Next week, we’ll also present a bill to create a comprehensive Task Force to Study Elder Abuse, working with advocates to devise recommendations to address this important issue.

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to introduce to my colleagues a number of constituents nominated by the Moore/Miller Administrations to be cabinet secretaries and other significant appointees. I’ve been a regular presence before the Executive Nominations Committee, the body that vets appointees before the Senate votes on their confirmation. I am grateful to have a district that has so many incredibly talented public servants. You’ll see a photograph below of me introducing Dr. Laura Herrera Scott, our new Secretary of the Department of Health.

Save the date for our next Shelly@thedeli, with Delegates Jon Cardin & Dana Stein — March 6th at 8:30. More info to come.

Stay safe & healthy,


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