End of session celebrations with colleagues, balloons and confetti

Dear Friends,

It has been a very busy 90-day legislative session and I’m very proud of our achievements in this first year of our four-year cycle. We welcomed a brand-new Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and Comptroller, and I was sworn into my first 4-year term in the State Senate. We faced issues with a new sense of urgency in response to the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe vs. Wade and the need to protect reproductive healthcare. Similarly, last year’s Bruen decision upending Maryland’s concealed carry law and continued gun violence have spurred us to examine more closely our state’s firearm safety laws.
As federal resources directed to the state during the pandemic dry up, we are sensitive to the lingering effects of these difficult years and have targeted resources to some of our most vulnerable residents, including seniors and children living in poverty. We continue to respond to concerns about public safety, knowing that we must take multi-faceted approaches to this complex, serious issue. We passed a budget that will continue transforming public education into a world-class system and spur local economies and job opportunities for the people of Maryland.

Thousands of bills are considered over the course of 90 days. While I have my own distinct legislative agenda, we each have the opportunity to play a role in the success (and demise) of other legislative initiatives and in the budget. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve the constituents of District 11 and to be able to work with my colleagues on many important issues before the General Assembly.

I appreciate that so many of you shared your thoughts and concerns with me through emails, phone calls, meetings and Shelly@thedeli gatherings. My staff and I have responded to more than 900 constituent inquiries this session. When constituents had problems with state agencies, questions or concerns about legislation, we worked tirelessly to resolve and support them. Every day, I feel privileged to be a strong voice for the 11th District, and of course, our work will continue through the interim.





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