Protecting our Environment – Protecting Ourselves

It has never been more crucial to address the cause and impact of climate change.

From extreme weather events to flooding and sea level rise, our environmental stewardship affects everyone in this generation and the next. Better, balanced environmental policies can bring us not just healthier futures, but a stronger economy, including a wealth of “green” jobs in businesses and local enterprises. Such policies must be an urgent priority.

Shelly continues to fight for:

Clean air, water, and limiting carbon emissions

Investment in green jobs and innovation

Investment in increased accessible mass transportation options

Protecting the ecosystem of the tributaries and our crown jewel, the Chesapeake Bay

Promoting programs that reduce, reuse, and recycle to reduce energy consumption

Educating Marylanders about runoff and encouraging strong stormwater management programs

Renewable energy sources, like wind, solar, and biomass

Investment in clean and renewable energy

Regulating dangerous, harmful chemicals and other pollutants that threaten our health and environment

Consumer education and incentives for energy savings

Better planning and “smart growth” in the community

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