Health & Wellness

Healthcare is a right.

For too many Marylanders, securing affordable, quality, care poses a challenge. No one should have to choose between filing a prescription and meeting basic needs, like paying rent or buying food. Access to resources that support overall health and well being benefit everyone in the community.

Shelly supports policies and programs that:

Control prescription drug prices and create transparency in billing and services

Expand access to affordable, accessible, high quality preventative healthcare

Close the gap in health disparities among minority and underserved populations, including maternal mortality

Provide wrap-around services that treat patients holistically

Support reproductive rights and expand access to contraception

Encourage the development of affordable housing to provide a healthy living environment

Address the special needs of people combating chronic illness, veterans, and people with disabilities

Provide access to healthy food and environments, addiction and substance abuse counseling, and mental health screening and treatment

Promote equity in healthcare, from research to treatment options and accessibility

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