Jobs and Economic Development

Good jobs and a productive economy

Good jobs and a productive economy are at the heart of almost everything that we want for our families and communities. Good jobs support strong families. On the other hand, the lack of good jobs – as a result of unemployment or underemployment – causes great stress on families while depriving them of the essentials of daily life.

As a state senator, Shelly has been committed to strong economic growth through job creation and business innovation. She believes in a healthy economic climate which supports entrepreneurship and fair wages.

Shelly will continue to advocate for:

Technology and innovation that expands opportunities for employment

Expanding access to loans for small businesses, underserved communities, and women/minority owned businesses

Green jobs that improve our environment and economy

Bridging the skills gap and supporting workforce development partnerships

Affordable quality childcare for working families

Regional cooperation to leverage assets and support needs

Fair wages, good benefits and equal pay for equal work

Stable and reasonable regulatory policies

Representation of women and people of color on boards and leadership

Expanded access and options for public transportation

Strong unions and protection for workers

A well-trained, diverse workforce

Economic development that meets the needs of Baltimore County

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