Public Safety & Criminal Justice

All Marylanders deserve to feel and be safe.

All Marylanders deserve to feel and be safe in their homes, streets, places of worship, and communities. Shelly supports creating trust, connection, and a sense of shared responsibility within the community, among all residents and law enforcement.

Shelly supports reforms that address:

Mass incarceration and racial disparities in the criminal justice system

Providing appropriate resources and support for first responders

Expedient testing, monitoring, and tracking of sexual assault kits

Education and policies to combat human trafficking, domestic violence and sexual assault

Common sense gun safety measures including safe storage, regulating access, and universal background checks

Reducing recidivism and providing quality programming for people who are formerly incarcerated

Reforms to the criminal justice and prison system

Proactive prevention policies, including mediation and restorative justice

Evidenced-based treatment for substance users including harm reduction programs

Sentencing reform, including eliminating mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent offenders

Justice and support for victims and survivors

Effective, evidence-based solutions to deter at-risk youth and adults, including diversion programs and increased opportunities for employment and recreation

Support, resources, and education to combat hate crimes

Reforms to the compensation process for those who have been wrongfully incarcerated

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