Our Debt to Seniors

We all stand on the shoulders of our seniors.

Those who have worked so hard to create the world we enjoy and to whom we owe so much should be paid back with our love, our respect and a continuum of services that enable them to live vibrantly as they age. We are blessed that the community of seniors is increasing: the number of seniors over 85 has tripled in the last 10 years and will continue to grow dramatically. But their needs are multiplying too, and becoming more complex.

Seniors face increasing challenges, as do families and caregivers that have the responsibility and privilege to care for them. I will continue to advocate for programs and legislation that provide access, choice, and support for our treasured elders.

Shelly will continue to advocate for:

Supporting seniors who wish to age in place

Expanding consumer protection and advocacy

Providing wraparound services to meet the needs of seniors who may be homebound, disabled, or face challenging socioeconomic circumstances

Regulating programs and housing to promote safety

Protecting vulnerable seniors from predatory or abusive businesses and individuals

Recognizing the gifts and insights that seniors bring to our community by providing them with intergenerational leadership and engagement opportunities

Connecting seniors with an affordable variety of quality housing options from independent to assisted living and nursing home care

Promoting financial security, retirement planning, and education on long term care and gap insurance options

Expanding access to safe, affordable transportation options

Creating a coalition of eldercare experts to collaborate on best practices

Providing social, cultural, educational, and wellness opportunities

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