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It is my privilege to have the opportunity to serve in the Maryland State Senate. I want to continue being a strong voice in Annapolis for the citizens of the 11th district – for fairness and transparency – for women, men, older adults, children, and families. Thank...

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NPR: Can Maryland Avert An Eviction Crisis?

NPR: Can Maryland Avert An Eviction Crisis?

By SHEILAH KAST & MAUREEN HARVIE At the end of this month, hundreds of thousands of Maryland renters may be called to court for failure to pay rent. State Senator Shelly Hettlemen represents Baltimore County. She leads a workgroup advocating for a dozen actions to...

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MPT News: Averting Mass Evictions

As the nation is struggling with high unemployment which is leading to people falling behind on their rent payments, the State Senate's Housing Workgroup released a report this week with ideas on how to avoid mass evictions. Senator Shelly Hettleman and Sen. Chris...

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